Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Children’s Christmas Program

Elaine's First Christmas ProgramI just shared pictures of Elaine with her hair in curlers for the first time.  It was for a special event – the Children’s Christmas Program at our church.  Elaine turned 2 in November, so she joined the ranks of kids who attend Sunday School!  That meant that she was included in the Christmas program this year.

This year I put together our church’s program for the kids.  I put together the “script” and assigned the parts to all of the kids on our Sunday School program.  Then I practiced with them for the last six weeks.  We kept it simple with some scripture and Christmas songs.  The songs were new words sung to familiar tunes like Onward Christian Soldiers, and Braham's Lullaby.  I took them out of a book that my Grams recently sent me from her stash of children’s ministry supplies.

Elaine’s class joined the 4’s & 5’s class to sing Away in a Manger.  Elaine knew all of the hand motions, but she didn’t sing the words.  All of the classes did very well – they knew their verses, they nailed all of their entrances and exits, and I was so pleased with the outcome!

Elaine's First Christmas Program
rocking Baby Jesus – away in a manger

Elaine's First Christmas Program
the stars in the sky

Elaine's First Christmas Program
asleep on the hay

Elaine's First Christmas Program
no crying did make

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