Sunday, December 11, 2011

His Will Cannot Lead Us…

We were just told this week that as of January 1st Ben will no longer have a job.  Things have been going downhill in his job for a while, and we have been scouring the internet and the want ads for a new job since Nolan was born.  The last few weeks have been very uncertain and sporadic.  Sometimes Ben gets a call at 8 p.m. and is told not to come in the next day.  There just isn’t enough work to keep everyone busy.  He has had anywhere from one day to three days off each week for a while.

Even when he was fully employed, the income was never quite enough.  God has been faithfully providing our needs, and we know that He will continue to do so.  It’s really neat to see how He chooses to do it, and the timing that He determines is best, in every situation.  It has been good for us to be dependent on the Lord to provide our daily bread, though it is not always easy to trust when you cannot see!

Ben does have an interview on Wednesday, but the position is in Long Island and will be quite a commute.  We need more information on the job before we can know if that is God’s will.

We really covet your prayers at this time for God to provide us a job and to lead us in His specific will for our lives.  I am excited to share with you in the future how God has led us through this time in our lives!

There is a song called Grace.  One of the lines in the chorus says, “His will cannot lead me where His grace will not keep me…”  We know that God has led us here, and so we know His grace will keep us here.


  1. I'll keep you in prayer! We went through a lengthy time of unemployment too about 1 year ago...God met every need and we did not go hungry! I know He'll do the same for you. ((hug))

  2. You guys are constantly in our prayers.


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