Friday, February 18, 2011

What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve been absent here for a little bit.  I’m enjoying the peace of naptime, some beautiful music playing in the background, and warm chocolate chip cookies with a mug o’ milk, so I thought I would take the time to write a little post.


Nothing is really new with me.  I still chase Elaine around, do the laundry, buy milk (at a rate of every day, it seems), and I’m still pregnant!  My busyness lately has consisted of preparing for a card making “class” that I am “teaching” tonight at our church.  I’ve been collecting ideas, writing instructions, designing examples, and putting together beginner “kits.”  I’ll write more about that later.

I am increasingly grateful for public transportation in the City.  Yesterday Elaine and I took advantage of the warm sunny weather to go on an excursion.  We took the train to Target and hit some other stores along the way.  This time I left the stroller at home.  It is now too heavy for me to carry up and down the subway stairs.  Elaine likes to be independent anyway.  I was definitely kept on my toes trying to steer her in the right direction, but we made it!  The four blocks from the station to home never seemed so long, as with a backpack full of items, a tired 15 month old, and a very tired me!

I had my 20-week ultrasound on Tuesday the 15th.  Elaine’s 20 week ultrasound was not very long because she was low and uncooperative, so they couldn’t get many good pictures.  This ultrasound seemed to last forever.  The baby was very active, and I could see the individual fingers and toes fly by on the screen.  “He” (no…we still don’t know the gender) is healthy, developing well, and right on track!  I wasn’t given a great picture to take home, but here it is…


Just a small blessing to share…I was in need of a couple of winter maternity tops.  Being in Virginia Beach during the last pregnancy meant that everything was short sleeved.  I can’t hardly stand to go into the Motherhood Maternity store because their prices are so outrageous.  And I can’t justify spending $20 on a shirt that I will just wear to wash dishes, clean the house, and change diapers.  Twice recently I have gotten a bargain on items that were “As Is” – because of little spots or snags that rendered them unsellable.  I can get spots out, so I bought them.  I got two tops for $2.90 each, one for free, and another for $6, plus a nice pair of khakis for $10.  When you add the outfit that Mom sent me, I’m doing pretty well!


He’s still here too.  (Do you see why I haven’t blogged much?)  He was working on coordinating a mission’s trip to Mexico for our church members in June.  We were praying for six individuals to commit to go, and only five could be found.  We took this as the Lord’s answer that the trip should be postponed until 2012.  He is also planning Summer Adventure Club, and working on things with the evangelism program.

We only have one closet in the house, so Ben has been using a portable garment rack as his “closet” in the bedroom.  It has leaned since the day we got it.  Recently we had it tied to the wall with a string and nail.  Last week it finally gave up the ghost and collapsed.  We tried to just hang a clothes bar on the wall, but since everything is plaster it didn’t hold.  Ben has been wanting something more permanent, so he built a closet.  It is basically a sheet of birch plywood anchored to the wall with 2x4s, but it is sooooo much better than before!  He also built shelves up to the ceiling, so I gained a little bit of storage space.  Elaine enjoys it as her new “hideout” during playtime.

Ben's Closet    Ben's Closet

Ben's ClosetSo it’s not glamorous, but I love it.  Moving the games into the bedroom freed up some more storage space for Doable Diapers in Elaine’s room.  Buying toilet paper on Amazon saves money, but it’s always hard to find a place to stash it!


Well she is a very active, busy little girl and there is just too much to write in this spot.  I will save her for another post!

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