Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elaine the Bookworm

I mentioned before that Elaine is turning into quite the bookworm.  Before you think of having a seat on our couch, you should consider that you may not get up for some time.  Let me warn you that Elaine will spot your relaxed position and peaceful moment out of the corner of her eye.  Then, before you know what is happening, in a flash she will be in your lap with a story to read.  And you can never read just one!

Last week I walked into the kitchen to find this:

Elaine reading my cookbook
Yes…that is Elaine.  She is reading my cookbook!  She just can’t stand to leave any books alone!

This morning I returned from the kitchen to find this:

Elaine's Storytime
Elaine loves this bouncy seat.  She considers it her own personal recliner, I think.  She has several Dr. Seuss (by far her favorite author!) books in her lap.

But wait!  Let me zoom out a little bit!

Elaine's Storytime
She had been doing quite  a lot of reading in my absence!

Let this be a warning to the grandparents…stock your house with lots of books before we come to visit!


  1. When you come for the wedding be sure to bring Elaine to our house. My Mom LOVES books so our living room is basically a small library. The bottom two shelves(most accessable to little ones) is nothing but childrens books waiting to be pulled off the shelf! Elaine will have a ball.

  2. The pic with books all over the floor cracks me up! I already have pulled a few books out and am all ready for her! I can hardly wait!!


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