Friday, February 11, 2011

A Look At Ben’s Handiwork

This week I took the train into Manhattan to meet a lady and show her some cloth diapers.  She had a six day old little girl with her!  We met halfway between her home and mine, which happened to be Union Square.  Ben recently completed some work on a shop just a couple of blocks from there, so Elaine and I popped over to take a look.


The store is called Fishs Eddy, and they sell really nice dishes.  Ben stripped and refinished these four main doors into the store.  The doors were done offsite, but the entryway was done onsite.


They just wanted a paint job on these doors.  Ben painted them in the snow because the owners were so anxious to have the project done.  Ben thinks the paint job looks terrible!  He also built the upper part of the door frame which sticks out.


These doors lead to the residence apartments over the store.  Ben worked on the outer doors, the set of inner doors, and all of the wood in the hallway leading up to the elevator (visible in the background).  Everything used to be green like the picture above!  Ben’s company stripped the paint and then refinished all of the wood.  (Sorry for the glare in the pictures).


Just another shot of the store…it’s a neat building.  Ben didn’t do any work on this part, though.

On the way home Elaine and I stopped at the fruit market in Union Square.  We purchased several 3-pound bags of apples for $1 each!  I managed to carry Elaine, the stroller, my backpack, and the diaper bag (stuffed with apples) down the subway stairs.  Next time Ben is coming along!  And tomorrow we are making applesauce!

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