Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elaine’s Food Pyramid

After sleeping in yesterday, Ben decided to avail himself of the opportunity to fix my clothesline.  It broke just before Christmas, and we have had several feet of snow in the backyard ever since.  There are still about six inches, but he thought it was manageable.  Elaine saw Ben getting ready and became very excited about the prospect of going outside…so Ben took her along.  When I peeked out the window this is what I saw…

Elaine eats dirty snow

Elaine was enjoying the snow…and trying, and probably succeeding in eating it.  Dirty snow.  Yuck!  She tried to go for the mud close by, but Daddy rescued her!

We had a late dinner because Elaine took a long afternoon nap.  The menu?  Fish and green beans.  Elaine has never cared for green beans, and she has never had fish before, so I didn’t expect her to be a good eater.

To my surprise, she went straight for the green beans!  She even had seconds, enjoying the fact that her fork could be used as a spear!

Elaine at Dinner

Next she worked on the fish, and when she succeeded in getting it on her fork also, she ate her entire serving.  She was so proud of herself for doing everything on her own!  Finishing with some apples, some bread and peanut butter, and milk she had a great dinner!

Elaine at Dinner

Then Daddy broke out the ice and started crushing away.  Elaine, ever curious, wanted some too.  It was funny to watch her face as she sucked on the cold cubes.  Then she figured out how to crunch it between her front teeth, and she was very proud of herself.

Elaine at Dinner“What is it, Daddy?”

Elaine at Dinner“It’s cold!  Now what do I do with it?”

Elaine at Dinner“This is fun to crunch!”

Elaine at Dinner“Mmmm!  That was delicious Mom!”

And like a good little girl, she brushed her teeth after dinner!


We finished off the evening with a phone call to Grandma Hamilton, and some ice cream.  Elaine has never been allowed to stay up for ice cream before, and she completely enjoyed the treat!


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