Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I couldn’t resist…

Not to bombard with pictures of Elaine today (though I’m sure the grandparents don’t mind), but I couldn’t resist putting up another post.  I got some cute shots after I published my Wordless Wednesday.  So I guess this is the worded edition!

Elaine 23 weeks sitting up in tub
Elaine sat up in the bath by herself for the first time today.  She really enjoyed “touching” the water, splashing, and the floating rubber ducky.  But what she really wanted was my camera!  Anything that Mommy or Daddy is holding or doing becomes something in which Elaine wants to participate! It can be challenging, especially of liquid is involved!

Elaine 23 weeks sitting up in tub
I couldn’t decide which picture was better, so I had to put them both up.  You’d never know that yesterday she was a snotty, stuffed-up, cranky, teething emotional mess, would you?

Elaine 23 weeks Jean skirt 
I picked up this little jean skirt at a tag sale on Saturday.  I thought it was adorable.  But alas, I can’t take a standing-up picture and hold onto her at the same time.  I tried.  It doesn’t work!

And for something different (because I seem to be in a “different” mood today), here’s what we had for supper last night!

Matzo ball soup

I made Matzo Ball Soup from this recipe.  Sort of.  I cut the soup recipe in half because I didn’t have enough chicken, and I didn’t want chicken around for ages to come.  I had some matzo meal that I got on sale after Passover.  I wanted something different.  It was…okay.  The matzo balls were a little bland this time…they were boiled instead of fried.  And Ben said that it was good, “but I don’t want it very often because it reminds me of my dad’s turkey soup.”  I guess turkey soup isn’t a pleasant memory???  Ben seems to be picky in the soup department!  So, we are having leftovers tonight, and then no more Matzo Ball Soup.  For a while.

Hope you have a blessed, happy, sunny day!  Now that Elaine is already up from her morning nap I must get on with things here…

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