Monday, January 25, 2010

To Capture Elaine…

After our (almost very expensive) portrait session on Friday, Ben encouraged me to try taking similar pictures at home.  I insisted I couldn’t take pictures like that, but I decided to give it a try.  I had just received my monthly photo tip email from the camera store, and lo & behold it was on baby photography.

So on Saturday I moved my bench and got out my boppy and white sheet, just like the photographer did.  I dressed Elaine, and opened the window to allow natural sunlight to be my lighting. 

And wouldn’t you guess…it was NOT a good day for Elaine!  She didn’t like being dressed up, her hair didn’t cooperate, she was drooling all over everything.  She didn’t want to be held.  She didn’t want to play.  She REALLY didn’t want to sit in that boppy, and she DEFINITELY didn’t want to smile! 

So grab some popcorn, pull up a chair, and enjoy the story of my “photo shoot” with Elaine…

“I don’t feel like holding my head up”

“How’s this face?  Do you like this look?”

“I’m happy when Mom leaves my paci in my mouth”

“Hey Mom, look what I can do with my tongue!”

“I’m getting hungry.  Are we almost done?”

“I think I’m gonna cry.”

“I warned you.  I’m not happy anymore!”

“What’s that over there?  It looks more interesting that that camera.”

(Mom) “Finally!!!  A smile.  I’ll take it.  Let’s be done with this!”

But, now that I finally got that smile, I’m exceedingly pleased with it, and I can hardly remember how frustrated I was that she smiled for the photographer, and not for me!

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