Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elaine’s Baby Dedication

Elaine Baby Dedication On Sunday, January 17th we participated in a child dedication at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Pittsfield, MA.  This is the church where Ben grew up.  Pastor Neiner called us to the front of the church along with three other families.  He took us through the Scriptures regarding the parents’ responsibility to raise their children in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” 

I liked that Pastor Neiner made it very clear that this is not baby baptism, nor is the church imparting salvation to the children.  The purpose of dedicating Elaine is a public declaration on the part of Ben and I that we intend to raise her as the Bible prescribes.  Pastor Neiner also touched on the fact that the church has a responsibility to teach the children that God brings into their influential sphere. 

At the end Pastor Neiner had two deacons pray over the children being dedicated.  Jim Hamilton (my father-in-law) prayed for the parents and their responsibility to their children, and another deacon  prayed for the church to fulfill their responsibility. 

Elaine Baby Dedication The families and children involved in this Parent-Child dedication are: (from left to right)
Ross & Michelle Kunzmann – Abigail
Ben & Andrea Hamilton – Elaine
John & Erin Neiner – Caiden
Doug & Crystal Neiner – Cody and Ruby

Elaine Baby Dedication Elaine Baby Dedication
Prayer of Dedication                          Ben, Andrea, & Elaine

Elaine Baby Dedication
The Kunzmann Family and the Hamilton Family; Pastor Neiner

Elaine Baby Dedication
Same as above; Dad Hamilton on far left.  Here Pastor Neiner is explaining the purpose of a Baby Dedication and the parental responsibility according to the Bible.

The song we sang before the dedication is “Lord Bless Our Home” by Ron Hamilton.  I thought it was very appropriate, wanted to share the text with you.

Fam’lies all around us are crumbling ev’ry day,
Yielding to the enemy and throwing life away.
Bind our lives together, Guard us with Your truth;
When the struggle seems too great, Lord, keep our eyes on You.

Thank You for Your goodness; our love was in Your plan.
Help us face the future always trusting in Your hand.
Keep us warm and tender; Keep us clean and pure.
Drive us to each other’s arms, and make our love endure.

Lord, bless our home, protect our home;
Let it be a refuge in this world of sin.
Lord, reign within, keep us strong and true;
And when we need You most, Lord, draw us close, committed to each other.
Lord, bless our home; we give our home to You.

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