Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 10 Week Birthday Elaine!

Today Elaine is 10 weeks old.  I can hardly believe that my little baby has been with us for so long!  I can see her getting bigger and stronger every day.  She is still small and petite, but quite tall for her age (68th percentile!).  Elaine is wearing some 3-6 month sized clothing just because she needs the extra length! 

Elaine has been curious from the beginning, and she is very good at holding up her head even though she is only two months old.  During her “tummy time” today she held her head very high for quite a long time.  She also grasped her rattle and played with it for the first time today.  She can scoot off the blanket when she’s on her back, and it seems as if she would crawl if she could only figure out how to raise her knees.  She definitely wants to be mobile!  She is also starting to blow spit bubbles and make lots of noises.  (You can see it in the video below).  Elaine has slept through the night a few times, and she has hit a growth spurt which makes her hungry all the time.  Here is a video from our play time today.

Elaine 10 Weeks Holding Head Up

Elaine 10 Weeks First RattleSee my new spit thing?  I like making noises and faces with my lips!

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  1. a-w-w, I can't believe she is doing that already. Ok we need to move. Long distance g-ma ing is the pits! Love that spit face picture!


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