Monday, July 13, 2009

Tour The New Apartment!

Here is a video tour of our new home in two parts (I had camera problems). 




There were a few problems that had to be corrected first thing.  The A/C did not shut off (I’m afraid to see that power bill!), the freezer defrosted into the refrigerator, and there was no hot water in the bathtub.  There were minor issues too, which were all corrected today.  A funny thing is that the toilet is installed crooked. 


I went today for a move-out inspection on our old place.  We cleaned really well on Sunday.  The inspector barely looked around, but his comment pleased me.  He said, “This is going to be an easy turnover.  It’s really clean.  I can’t wait to be assigned to this one.” 


The move was very smooth.  On Friday I worked on moving over the clothes closet and some kitchen items while Ben was at work.  He helped me finish the dishes and the large items.  I was exhausted Friday night!  On Saturday we moved the odds & ends, then four men from church came and two of our teens.  One had a pickup, one had a full sized van, and one had a box truck.  In one load, about 45 minutes, the furniture was moved from the old place and into the new place.  Ben and I spent the afternoon unpacking all of the boxes and rearranging.  I reorganized a few things on Sunday, and we finished hanging the pictures tonight.  We’re pleased with our neighbors so far, and the apartment is great. 

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  1. Your new place looks great!! Lots of storage for an apartment. Did I see your bikes in a closet? Praise the Lord everything went so smoothly. Thanks for the peek!:) ~Mom in MA


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