Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday Ben

Well, this is a little late…but we did celebrate Ben’s birthday on time.  Actually he kind of got a whole week of celebration.  A while back I read about several birthday clubs to sign up for at restaurants.  On your birthday they send you a coupon by email.  So, I entered Ben and me.  The coupons started arriving a week before his birthday, and they didn’t expire until a week after his birthday…which meant we didn’t have to pig out all in one day!  He enjoyed a free Schlotzsky’s deli sandwich one day for lunch.  On Tuesday night we enjoyed a free burger entree at Red Robin.  On Wednesday (his birthday) we had a buy one, get one coupon for Qdoba Mexican grill.  We still have a free Cold Stone and a free shake at Fuddruckers to use. 


Since Ben’s birthday was on a Wednesday, it was hard to do very much celebrating.  Usually he runs in the door, grabs a quick shower, we scarf dinner, and we’re out the door to church.  So we enjoyed cake and ice cream after the service, and then had the “birthday dinner” on Thursday night.  Ben requested Pork with Fennel – his new favorite meal. 


I had set aside my check from working the Democratic Primary election for Governor here in Virginia.  Since we now have a patio, Ben was going to pick out a gas grill.  However, when we signed our lease, we discovered that only charcoal grills are allowed.  We were able to pick up a used little “Smoky Joe” grill off Craig’s List.  Ben chose to use some of the money to go to the minor league baseball game on Saturday night, and we have a camping reservation for August 14th.  Mom & Dad Hamilton are paying for Ben to get his teeth cleaned (since we don’t have dental insurance we haven’t been for a while), and Grandma & Grandpa Paul sent a new dress shirt & tie.  My parents sent Glenn Beck’s book Common Sense along with some new socks, and Ben gets to keep the sanders that my dad loaned him to build the crib.  Basically…Ben made off like a bandit!


Here are a couple of pictures.  Happy 24th Birthday Ben!


Ben's 24th Birthday

It’s a Hamilton thing…all they ever want is chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Since I don’t like chocolate cake, Ben gets the whole thing to himself!!!


Ben's 24th Birthday


Ben's 24th Birthday

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