Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Fine Weekend

It was a great weekend.  Ben was off on Friday, Saturday, and of courseam flag Sunday.  We did nothing, and yet we accomplished a lot.  We enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing.  On Friday we had our medical exam for Life Insurance, we got a new radio installed in the Camry, and we signed the lease on our new apartment.  We enjoyed staying up late watching movies because Ben did not have to leave early on Saturday for the office.


On Saturday we tied up loose ends, played a game of Monopoly, and studied Hebrew.  Well, Ben studied Hebrew.  I did a little bit of packing for the move, and we put together a review game for the Sunday School class.  We just finished a study on the life of Joseph. 


Then we went to see fireworks over the oceanFourth of July 2009.  They set off the fireworks from a boat so that they explode over the water.  We intended to catch the shopper’s shuttle, but it was ahead of schedule and we missed it.  So…we walked.  2.8 miles.  Each direction.  Ben offered to leave me and run for the car on the way back, but I decided to stick it out.  I regretted it on Sunday when every part of my body hurt!  The firework display was great – longer than many that either of us had seen.  Most of my pictures did not turn out great…I needed a tri-pod.


We had a great Sunday School class yesterday.  We played a mixture of Jeomillionairepardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for our review game.  The prize was a $5 Starbucks card.  (We just discovered that every one of our teens loves Starbucks, but none of them can afford it!)  Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  was complete with lifeline options…including “Phone a Friend.”  My Mom was on notice that she might get a call – it worked out great because they are two hours behind us.  They are on their way to church when we are teaching Sunday School.  One brave teen, Melissa opted for this lifeline, not knowing who was on the other end of the phone (so Ben ended up doing the talking).  Good for Mom – she gave the right answer! 


Sunday was also exciting because Ben was able to feel the bbaby feetaby kick.  I have been having little “flutters” for a couple of weeks now, and last week they were strong enough to convince me that it was indeed the baby kicking and moving.  Last night as we watched a movie, the baby started going at it.  I was able to get Ben to feel it.  He was very excited.  He said now it felt real – there really is a baby in there!


We hope you all had a great holiday weekend. 

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