Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canning Day 2

PICT0035Canning Day 1 actually turned into the only canning day.  I decided to go ahead and do up the peach jam while I had all of the pans and supplies out.  It made for what felt like a really long day on my feet.  When the last jars of jam were removed from the canner, and the dishes were washed, I jumped into a nice warm bath to soak my feet.  They were so tired!


We ended up with 11 half pints of less sugar blueberry jam, 4 pints of regular peach jam, and 3 pints of less sugar peach jam.  We also had enough blueberries to freeze for three pies and two batches of pancakes.  Ben should be happy for a while! 


I was blessed to be taken out to dinner, spur of the moment, last night.  Ben came home and saw everything I had done and took me to the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday.  I have been craving salad and crushed ice recently!  Then we got a free ice cream at cold stone with his birthday

coupon.  What a day!

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