Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Colorado, Part 3

While in Colorado I was able to visit with some old friends.  First, my dad owed Katie & Stephanie Kubick lunch for helping him do some work at the church.  (Stephanie was the flower girl in my wedding and Katie is her younger sister).  They put it off for a week so that I could come along.  I went to Littleton and picked up the girls, and we met Dad for lunch at Fatburger.  Stephanie’s birthday is November 4th, so they are voting that I have the baby a day earlier!  (Mike Anderson, the ring bearer in our wedding is also a November 4th birthday!)


Andrea and Kubick girls


A funny side note…I helped Mom with the Primary Sunday School opening on Sunday morning.  I had taught 1st grade and 2nd grade during two summers when I was home from college, so many of the kids were the same.  Mom was trying to introduce Father’s Day, so she asked, “What is special about today?”  The response was, “Andrea’s here!”  After a little probing, the kids remembered that it was Father’s Day!


I also met up with my friend Claudia Gil.  We worked together at McDonalds for about nine years.  We started together as crew people, and we both worked our way into management and became good friends.  When I was the store manager in the Wal-Mart location, Claudia was my first assistant, and she took over when I went back to college.  She came to my wedding, but got lost on the way.  Apparently she arrived just after Ben and I made our exit.  This was the first I had seen her since before the wedding.  Her “little” girl has come back to the States from Mexico.  She was three the last time I saw her…now she is seven!


Claudia & Astrid Claudia & Astrid

Claudia & Andrea; Astrid & Claudia.


Mom & Andrea Scrapbooking

Mom and I enjoyed scrapbooking and card-making…can you tell?


Andrea with Grandma & Grandps

I took this picture when I went to help Grandma digitize the old photos.


I think that covers the activities of the week.  The flight back to Va. Beach was not so pleasant – probably the worst experience I’ve ever had flying.  A little advice…avoid the Kansas City airport and Delta airlines.  I flew on four different airlines this trip, and ended up making two connections on the return flight.  I was supposed to stay on the plane in Atlanta, but I ended up having to change gates, and then my flight was delayed.  But I made it home, and so did my luggage!

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