Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip to Colorado, Part 1

I recently took a trip to visit my parents in Colorado for a week.  It was nice to be “home” but I missed Ben at the same time!  Technically speaking, I was flown in to fix the iTunes and the Pictures on the new computer.  Things got a little scrambled in the transfer from one operating system to the next.  Since I know more about these programs than Kenny does, the project was left for me to handle.  I accomplished a lot – sorting and filing over 2400 pictures, recovering lost podcasts and editing music files.  Somehow…we still had plenty of time for scrapbooking and card-making!


I pulled off the week with only a couple of klutzy moments.  I closed the front door a little too hard (if you ask Mom, I slammed it) and Wesley fell off the wall.  Twice.  The worst thing that happened was the night before I returned to Virginia Beach.  I was scanning a couple of Andrea visits Coloradopictures.  I guess I bumped the stuffed pig just right, or rather wrong, because the next thing I knew it was falling on my head.  I failed in my attempt to catch it, and it landed on its ear.  The seam around the ear broke open.  Dad refers to it as a death in the family.  The pig, which Dad named Benjamin (because I was dating Ben at the time) will have to make a visit to the taxidermist for repair.  Until then, he is wearing a Band-Aid so that Dad won’t feel as sad.


My last project on this trip was to help Grandma digitize some very old pictures.  My Uncle Nathan is coming back from Malaysia for a visit, and he requested some pictures of his childhood.  We finally found a scanner at a reasonable price at Target.  After scanning the pictures, I took them home to edit them, and then made a copy for everyone in the family.  I’ve included a couple below. 


In the rush to get things done, I forgot to copy a few pictures to my computer, so there will be another post coming in a couple of days!


Sherry, Pram, Brandy

My Mom in England, pregnant with me, showing off Brandy and the pram that Dad bought.  I get to use the same pram for my baby!



Oct. 1972

My Mom’s family – Marty, Sherry, JoEllen, Scott, Robin,

Grandma/MaryLou, Nathan, Grandpa/Don.



Gypsy enjoyed having me home because I ignored the rules and allowed her on the furniture and in bed with me!


Sherry's Garden

Above and below – some of my Mom’s beautiful flower gardens.  She does a great job!


Sherry's Garden



Southlands Tornado

This fantastic picture was taken from the vantage point of our neighbor across the street.  It hit southeast Aurora on June 7, 2009, bringing 1.5” hail with it.  Part of the shopping mall was damaged, cars were totaled from the hail, and my parents returned from church to find all of the irises destroyed.  The good part…Dad and his company are getting lots of calls for roofing!

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