Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bronx Zoo

We closed out March with a smashing fun day at the Bronx Zoo!  The kids and I used our membership from Christmas to tour the zoo in the lovely sunshine while Ben was meeting with a contact for Bible Study in the Bronx.  Our last stop at the zoo was a bust…not many animals out and a cold day.  Today we saw everything we wanted to – even heard the lions roar!  Aside from the million public school kids also taking advantage of good weather, it was a lovely trip.

IMG_3555   IMG_3556
Baby turtles in the reptile nursery :: Lunch by the baboons and mountain goats!

One of the membership perks is that the bug carousel is free!

IMG_3567   IMG_3570
Henry wasn’t too sure at first…

…But then he loved it!


By the rhino statue

Watching the flamingos.  Henry was thrilled to do everything his siblings did.

IMG_3578  IMG_3579
I’d call that a successful trip!

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