Tuesday, May 10, 2016

{Gasp!} They are Three!!!

The twins turned three at the end of April.  Today I took them outside to snap a few pictures of them.  They had me smiling and cracking up the whole time!  This really is a fun stage {minus the potty training}, but having the twin dynamic inserted into the picture makes it all that much better!

Liberty is a master of expression.  I am constantly laughing at her.  She has this curly, reddish hair that bounces a lot the morning after a bath.  She knows how to use it to her advantage, or to add spice to her attitude!  She “wuvs” everything, constrantly exclaiming in a very excited manner, “Oh, yes!  I wuv this one!”  She espcially loves to twirl in her church dress, but she also has a good dose of her mom’s klutziness (you can laugh at the mental picture!).  She is my veggie eater, and loves avocados in particular.  While usually the last one finished with a meal, she eats the best and the biggest variety.  The opposite of Nehemiah, she chooses her vegetables first and then struggles to finish the meat or sandwich.  She plays well alone and is always toting around princesses or doll house family members, chatting away to herself the whole time.  She loves stickers and coloring, and purses.  She is even starting to leave her hair bow and ponytail in place for longer than five minutes!  Liberty is smart and bossy and will definitely be a typical “older sister” once she realizes that 35 minutes makes her older than Nehemiah.

Twins 3 Year Portraits square
I can’t get enough of the hair!

Twins 3 Year Portraits  Twins 3 Year Portraits
I said “smile” and she immediately made a funny face!

Nehemiah is my cuddler, and also my athlete.  He is a natural at anything sports – from sling shots, to bike riding, from throwing a ball, to climbing and jumping.  He is also the sensitive one – if someone is going to have a bad dream or get scared in a movie, you can count on it being Nehemiah.  (Like…the cat in Cinderella sends him running!)  He has learned enough about Star Wars from his siblings and seeing it everywhere that he is always ducking in the corner shooting Storm Troopers.  Nehemiah loves his baby brother and can’t keep his hands off Henry…even though we haven’t mastered the meaning of gentle as of yet.  He is the singer in the family, picking up snippets of songs and tunes everywhere, and pulling them out at the funniest time.  The other night we were getting him dressed for bed when he burst out with “Mary makes the sun shine bright!” from Mary Poppins.  He loves Patch the Pirate, too – especially Ocean Commotion and Incrediworld.  He doesn’t care for the nursery and would rather sit with me in church.  He’s a great encourager, too, and gets VERY excited to celebrate the victories of his siblings (especially when it comes to potty training). 

Twins 3 Year Portraits Nehemiah  Twins 3 Year Portraits vertical
That smile!

Twins 3 Year Portraits
Typical boy!  Always running…and in “cow boots”

These two…they are best buds, great playmates, and big tattletales!  But they understand and communicate with each other in ways that make me in awe, and I’m so blessed to be a twin mom!

Twins 3 Year Portraits
I love these two!

Twins 3 Year Portraits
One is always looking at the other!

Twins 3 Year Portraits
Red hair…cowboy boots…overalls…twins…and lots to watch except Mom’s camera!

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  1. You got some great pictures here...love Liberty's "funny" face and how you caught Nehemiah "flying" down the road! I'm looking forward to another visit and seeing how much these two have changed!


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