Monday, October 20, 2014

Missionary Moments

We have just returned from one of our “bigger” or “extended” deputation trips thus far.  We were in three different conferences back to back, taking us from October 8th to October 19th.  I think the Lord is giving me “little” trips like this to practice packing, presenting, and parenting on the road so I know better how to do it when we leave in January for 4-5 months.  {Not yet looking forward to that time, but it’s growing on me}.

There were some funny moments, hard-to-deal-with moments, and exhausting moments (like putting 4,000 miles on our van since October 1st, including round trip from MA to WI in three days).  But all of these make up some very Missionary Moments.  I thought you might want to laugh and experience them along with me.

Missionary moments jpg

In Palmer, MA I gave my testimony for the first time without crying!  That’s a definite improvement! 

I learned that our new van is easier to move around in, but it also takes the bumps a bit harder.  I hit a Brooklyn pothole on the way out of town, and everything in the back in jumped up about 4 inches…including the clothes bar.  No – it did not land back in the same place.  It fell, along with all of the neatly hung dress clothes!

We stayed with a family in MA that had seven grown children.  We had told the kids that they had seven children.  We were sitting at breakfast with Mr. & Mrs. Begley, and one of their sons walked into the room.  Nolan immediately asked “Why does she have two husbands?”  Thankfully, the Begley's were not offended!

At the same conference, I opened Elaine’s Bible as Ben began to preach, and handed it to her.  She pushed it away, whispering, “That’s okay Mommy.  I don’t need it.  Daddy’s done this one before.”  Yes, he certainly has!

IMG_2459Learning to nap in the car

In WI we were supposed to stay with a family that came down with shingles and chicken pox.  Gratefully, we were moved to the home of a faculty member of Maranatha Baptist University (the host for the annual meeting of BWM, our mission board).  But…the new host home was very breakable.  Know what I mean?  Add four kids ages four and under – NOT a good story!  I came in from unloading the van one night to find Nolan standing on the glass coffee table.  Thankfully, our hostess was not home! 

Because of the breakable nature of things in the host home, we opted to spend a lot of time on campus of the college.  This meant naps…in the student center.  Imagine being a college student and coming up to play carpet ball with a friend, only to discover two toddlers napping in the carpet ball thingey, and two pack n plays close at hand with sleeping babies.  Yup, I’d turn around and head back to the dorm too!

First Happy Meals

Last weekend we were in CT.  We were staying in the basement.  Ben was showering on Sunday morning when the tub drain or something went wrong.  The end of the story is that the bathroom was flooded, it seeped under the wall, and I went to church on Sunday without a shower.  Aren’t you glad you weren’t sitting next to me?  Thankful for a curling iron!

Some of the not-quite-so-funny missionary moments include the renewal of regular  chiropractor visits.  Four beds in 10 days has done a number on my back!  I couldn’t even bend over to pick up the babies on Sunday morning.  I woke up this morning in my own bed, completely confused.  I had to ask Ben where I was!  I’m also getting accustomed to being in the nursery – a lot.  Many smaller churches we’re visiting haven’t had kids for a while, so they don’t have a regular nursery staff.

IMG_2512Making new friends…

We are also learning to depend on the Lord in new ways.  For strength to drive and to stay awake.  For gas in the van.  For provision of our needs when we’re not at home.  Like being given postage stamps, laundry soap, and quarters for the laundry mat.  The Lord has been good to us, and I’m sure there are many harder deputation days ahead.

As we came into the City last night, Nolan woke up and immediately was excited.  “Look Mommy!  That’s OUR city!  New York!”  So exciting to see my kids call this place home, and I can’t wait to make things a little more permanent in the Bronx.

OUR City

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  1. Oh, Andrea, this is great! I have laughed and cried with you through the whole post. How I remember! We did deputation with only one baby--the first time, with two littles the second. You would not believe how similar it all was. I'm going to share this on the BWM group, because to all of us, you're a hero!


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