Friday, October 24, 2014

Elaine's 5th

Elaine will turn five on November 5th.  Just twelve days away!  (I know because I get asked several times a day!) However, fitting in a birthday celebration with our deputation traveling is tricky.  It worked out for us to be with Ben's parents this weekend, so we are taking the opportunity to celebrate her birthday tonight. 
Someone told Elaine that this is her Golden Birthday, and she has been talking about it incessantly.  She wanted to have her hair put in curlers last night and she picked out a fancy dress today.  (We had to change dresses, because the birthday celebration she chose is camping in the back yard and roasting supper over the fire).
Since she was all "duded" up and in a happy spirit, I snapped a few pictures.  I was super pleased with what I got after just a few shots.
I love this shot - the smile, the curly hair, the big bow... so we needed it black and white and color!  {Grandma - click to enlarge and save it to your computer!}
I did my photo editing on my tablet this time, and it was so quick & easy!  I guess technology IS a good thing.  I love this one in black & white!
And of course, we see this face a little too often, too.  She is a first-born, strong-willed, super-smart, likes-to-be-the-mommy, blessing-to-my-heart kind of a girl.
It seems like just yesterday that I was having my first labor pains and excitedly putting things in the car to go to the hospital.  Exictement turned to concern when the doctor couldn't stabilize her heartrate.  We tried several things to help labor speed up, but around 9 p.m. the nurse was told to prep me for a C-section.  Elaine was in distress, and they decided to be on the safe side. 
We had decided to be surprised with the baby's gender.  I heard my baby crying as they lifted her out.  Ben said, "It's a... it's a... it's a girl!"  I was so happy!  (And my mom was right - she had been convinced it was a girl for a while!)
Elaine has been raised in New York City.  Many people have questioned our decision to minister in NYC because of the dangers it presents for our children.  Ben's answer is always that we are safer in God's Will in NYC than anywhere else on earth.  City life has it's draw backs for kids.  I have often wished I had a little patch of grass to call a back yard. 
But to Elaine, all of this is "normal" because it's all she's ever known.  She knows all about traffic lights and rules for crossing the street.  She knows about walking everywhere and which train goes by our house.  She even knows the names of the major bridges in New York City. 
I can't believe she's almost five!  We have been homeschooling for about two months now.  She is doing an excellent job learning to write, reading signs everywhere we go, and discovering new phonics sounds.  She is constantly trying to add numbers together and teach them to Nolan.  She can memorize quickly, and knows many Bible verses.
Elaine loves to help and do everything that Mommy does.  She can make the salads for supper, and she always asks to help clean the bathroom or mop the floor.  Her new chore is folding all of the napkins and washcloths on laundry day (though she wasn't so happy to be assigned a permanent task!)  She loves to help with the twins - changing diapers, picking out clothes, holding their hands.  She is very proud that she taught them to put their napkins in their laps!
Elaine loves dogs and horses right now.  She's all about making friends and having a club.  She has a great imagination and leads her siblings in all kinds of new pretend-play adventures.  Her favorite colors are purple and pink, and she loves "girl 'fume" (perfume) and lip gloss.  Anything that can be dipped in ranch is a favorite food, and she loves Brooklyn bagels and pizza.
We have definitely had the struggles with a very strong will - even at this young age.  I already apologized to my mom, and told her that I have reaped back everything I put my parents through, and more!  I know that once the Lord gets total control of her heart, she will be unstoppable for Him.  Elaine has asked some very good questions about salvation over the last few months, and my Mommy heart is hopeful that soon there will be a new name written down in glory.
Five seems so young, but compared to the twins she is so grown up!  I'm so proud of my little princess, and so blessed to be her Mommy.  God has taught me more through being a parent than through any other life experience.  I love you Elaine!

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  1. Oh my, what a lot of precious little girl she is!!! I'm right with your Mom's just rolled up inside a Grandma heart! I think I like the third picture down, the close up, the best! If it's possible to have a best!


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