Friday, October 3, 2014


Throughout the week I often capture pictures on my phone instead of pulling out the camera.  The pictures aren’t always the best quality, but it’s real life in action.  Here are the “best” shots from last week…

Elaine Cleaning the Fridge   img_2398
Elaine cleaned out the fridge for me :: Uncle Evan gave a tractor ride to the “bigs”

I’m an auntie!  Baby Amelia is a sweetie…


The kids climbed a tree – for the first time – by themselves!  They were playing Hide N Seek with Ben

This picture doesn’t do justice to the amazing fall colors we experienced in Vermont this week.  It was THE week to be there, and the drive on Sunday morning was breathtaking!  We were on state road 58, which isn’t even paved all the way through, but the view was worth it!

Sidewalk chalk at Grandma’s house.  I’ve noticed these two hanging together a lot lately – Libs and Noley.

Nehemiah is a true boy – content with a bike or ball.

Nolan’s heart.  He’s never stuck with it to color anything in completely before!

Elaine’s heart.  And some things she’s been learning in school -
2 3 i t T 3, and the last squiggle was her “s”.  We struggle with those!

This is hard to see, but Libs slept on a giant teddy every night at Grandma’s.

Addressing a letter to a missionary friend whom she’s never met – but will get to meet in a couple of weeks!

Riding the new bull at the pet store.  Simple pleasures, people!

This one is MY FAVORITE!  I let the twins out of the stroller when we got to our street.  And they joined hands with the bigs and walked home.  Most pleasant walk in a long time!

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  1. You need a "Like" button at the bottom of your blog! Actually, I just love all these pics and the glimpse into the the little life that are these grandkids!


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