Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New ABC Bible Verses for K5–Pre-Cursive Font

Last year I made some ABC Bible Verses to teach Elaine.  It’s hard to find free ones in the KJV!  But, we never made it through all 26 letters last year.

Now we are doing K5 homeschool.  We are learning approximately 2 letters each week.  I am trying to use the verses again as Elaine learns the phonics sound and how to write each letter.

But I ran into a problem…my font was a nice kid-ish crayon font.  We are using Bob Jones University curriculum, and in K5 they teach a pre-cursive font.  The letters did not match from my ABC verse cards to our workbooks!  So I have updated the cards with a matching font, and I changed a couple of verses to match the letter with a more appropriate phonics sound.

Here is an updated version for anyone who may want it…

A jpg     M jpg

T jpg

Download by clicking this link…

KJV ABC Verses for Preschool-K5 (Pre-Cursive Font)

for personal use only, please.


  1. I cannot get to a place to download these. Is there a way for me to get this file? Thanks!


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