Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

We were recently able to purchase a full size van to make deputation travel a bit more comfortable.  I'll write more on that later.  Ben is in Florida picking up the van, so we came to visit Grandma & Grampa Hamilton.  We've just had fun enjoying the house, the yard, the dog, the cat, and the country.
Grandma took us to Whitney Farms - something that is right up my kids' alley!  They have a small petting "zoo" with goats, sheep, and a miniature horse.  Liberty is so fearless when it comes to animals!  She loved feeding the horse!  Nehemiah is normally content to reside in the background and watch, but this time he decided to join in on the action.
When we were done with the animals we enjoyed some swing sets and then picked a couple of pumpkins from the patch.  It was a great fall evening!
Elaine was reading to Fezzik...
...so Nolan wanted to read to Fezzik!
Elaine gave Bart a run for his money!
Nehemiah was driving the Jeep until his big sister snuck up on him!
Every girl needs a horse...
Pumpkin Patch Cuties - Noley, Libs, Nehemiah, and Elaine
Feeding the horse grass.
Nehemiah got so bold!
Liberty did everything that her big sister did...
Fun with Grandma Fezzie!
Everyone came home with a pumpkin, for the same price as one NYC pumpkin...
Grampa had to be in Boston for work today, but when he got back the kids made up for lost time!  They are watching cartoons on Grampa's phone.

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