Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

From the Broncos’ Super Flop


1618465_624417450927525_2113092226_n  Broncos Super Bowl Shirts

Broncos Super Bowl Shirts

First Spaghetti!

First Spaghetti

First Spaghetti    First Spaghetti
Not too sure yet..

First Spaghetti

First Spaghetti   First Spaghetti
Bagel for breakfast…fried rice and grilled cheese for lunch…spaghetti for dinner.  “They’re like real people!”  (Daddy’s very words!)

First Spaghetti
Liberty’s expressions were priceless.  Nehemiah smacked his lips all the way through dinner.  Liberty wore a lot of her spaghetti on her shirt, but she thoroughly enjoyed the meal.  {Her hands were stained orange for a little while afterwards}

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  1. Love how Liberty has a pile on her bib but not so much for Nehemiah! And Liberty has long lashes!! Thanks for being brave enough to show the orange! You all look good, and they are still a team to love!!


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