Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Tale of Two Water Bottles

Twins with water bottles
The twins got a hold of our water bottles last week during our trip to Alabama.  Talk about the perfect toy!  They fought over them, traded them, chased them, and chewed on them.  Liberty especially got very angry if Nehemiah took her bottle.  And I can’t get over how red her hair is in these pictures!

Twins with water bottles    Twins with water bottles

Twins with water bottles
We are talking some serious baby fat.  These pictures don’t even begin to show the fat rolls and thunder thighs on this baby girl!

Twins with water bottles

Twins with water bottles
I cracked up so much when I saw this picture!  Both of their expressions just kill me!  And it shows how Nehemiah is tall and lanky, but Liberty is fat and… fat!

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  1. Liberty is just healthy! And love her red hair.


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