Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday–God’s Amazing Provision

This was a special week for our family.  God did something really big for us.  Ben is self-employed as a home improvement contractor.  It has been kinda up and down since Christmas.  Not many people want a construction zone in their house during the holidays.  For the last two weeks he hasn’t really worked at all. 

We took the trip to Keysville, VA for our first deputation meeting by faith – because we didn’t have the money for the expenses.  God met the need and completely covered the cost of our trip through the love gifts of the two churches we were at.

Last week I added up the amounts of our bills and we began to ask God specifically to provide this amount.  Ben tried to find work – he scoured Craigslist, he called some customers, he looked into delivering flowers for Valentine’s Day.  But each time the answer was no. 

And while we really needed the work and the income, his time at home was very profitable during that time.  He was able to contact a lot of pastors and do a lot of work toward deputation.  We had a goal of scheduling 25 meetings for the year, and we are 40% there.

God has been providing for us all along the way.  I had a pretty well stocked pantry and freezer, so I had already decided to have an “eat from the pantry” month and do minimal grocery shopping.  When we needed gas in the car, there was money there.  We received some pre-paid wash & fold service at our laundry mat for Christmas, so the clothes still got washed.  I had just stocked up on diapers at the beginning of January.

Last Saturday God provided for our request.  He not only gave us the amount we prayed for, but He gave us a little extra too.  Then we received another gift – totally unexpected and totally of the Lord – which will pay our rent for this month.  In a matter of 36 hours God not only paid all of our bills (past due and present), but He threw in the rent just because He can

We have been scheduling deputation meetings, but they haven’t been lining up the way we thought they would.  We are all over the east coast – back and forth – until this summer.  It doesn’t make any sense – to us.  We hadn’t intended to travel so far away (Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Colorado) until we had some support coming in already.  But God is literally dumping these meetings in our laps.  Several pastors have called us asking us to come.  We have one in California who wants us to come because he wants to support someone in the Bronx!

Not only is God providing us the meetings, but He is providing the income that we are missing while not at home.  He is confirming to us that He wants us in the Bronx.

Not only am I thankful for all of these things – this amazing provision – but I am thankful for God’s perfect peace.  It has been a challenging two weeks (and even a hard January).  When Ben is home there is no income, and the bills keep coming.  My tendency in my flesh is to fret, to worry, to try and fix it on my own.  But during this time God has given me the peace that passes understanding to trust His timing and His provision.  It wasn’t a hand-wringing time.  It was neat time of praying, trusting God, and watching Him provide.  It was a great victory for me.


  1. What a testimony! Thank you for sharing God's wonderful provision. Not only is it an encouragement for others, but it's just another reminder for you, when things get tough, that He has done it before and He will surely do it again (and again, and again). God is too good to us!

  2. I love that you are learning these lessons...and experiencing God's faithfulness and goodness to you all! As you said, god's confirmation to you of being in the Bronx. Also love that you personally had peace and did not fret!!

  3. Keep magnifying the goodness of God and glorifying His name and He will continue to do exceeding abundantly above all you ask and think. Our prayers are with you!

  4. When I say i am in tears over this. With all the snow and power outages my husband was out of work. Then we got a letter from the IRS and the State of Maryland (we are in PA now) saying we owe back taxes from 2010 close to $4,000. I did not know what I was going to do. But when i read this I said why am I down when I know how to pray and trust God. This is just another example of how good God is.

    I needed this story.


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