Thursday, October 3, 2013

City Cowboys

One thing I was really hoping to do with the kiddos in Denver was let them ride a horse.  Mom has a friend with a horse, but it wasn’t really broken in yet so not too good for the kids.  I called several stables and found one with a half-way reasonable price for a pony ride.  No – I’m not going to tell you how much we {Grandma} paid for three circles around the stables!  But the kids loved it, so I guess that makes it worth every penny!?!?

This wrangler wasn’t the friendliest, but my little “Lone Ranger” had a good time riding “Duby” – short for Double Stuffed Oreo!  She was a little disappointed that he wasn’t white like Silver.

LOVE this picture!

I had to walk next to the horse and hold on to the kids.  My arms were so tired after 6 laps!  Nolan’s wrangler was much nicer.  When she saw my twins, she told us that she was adopted from Korea with her twin sister.  Twins are everywhere…

…even in the stables!  I actually don’t think these ponies were twins, but they looked alike!


The kids were nervous about standing in front of the stable door because of the horses inside.  I said, “Don’t worry, the horse is tied up.  He won’t get you.”  Then, {of course!} while I was taking the picture, that horse just walked right out of the door!



I had so much fun watching my city kids get dirty in the “country.”  Nolan was just so cute in his bandana and cowboy boots.  Sometimes I wish we weren’t city people!


The kids enjoyed pulling some grass to feed to this Shetland Pony.


  1. that is the cutest thing Mrs. Hamilton!! Nolan does look so cute in his cowboy get up!=)

  2. this is the cutest and most exciting blog I've ever checked out!!! lovely family :) :)


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