Monday, October 7, 2013

{5} months old

Last Monday the twins turned five months old.  Oy!  Time is sure flying by fast!  While we were in Colorado with my parents we had a little photo shoot.  The weather was perfect and everything was still green and beautiful.  I took outdoor pictures, but Nehemiah was rather distracted with the grass!

Liberty & Nehemiah 5 Month Portraits b&w
I love this picture – my twins spilling out of a basket.  So many times it is overwhelming to have four little kids, but when I stop to think about it, my heart is overflowing just like this basket!

Liberty & Nehemiah 5 Month portraits

Liberty & Nehemiah 5 Month portraits

Liberty & Nehemiah 5 Month portraits

Liberty & Nehemiah 5 Month portraits
Had to include this one – to prove that there are some times when Nehemiah isn’t smiling.  They are quite rare, though!

Liberty & Nehemiah 5 Month portraits

Liberty & Nehemiah 5 Month portraits

As far as milestones go, we have had a lot this month!  Libs and Nehemiah are both constantly in motion.  They roll over both ways and are never happy to stay where I put them.  Liberty is scooting backwards now, and Nehemiah does a pretty good army crawl – always in pursuit of a toy or object.  Both twins are grabby and like to hold onto things – fingers, hair, earrings {ouch!}, toys, and each other.  If they are close enough, they often reach out and hold hands.

On October 12th the twins were separated for the first time. Nehemiah had to have an ultrasound on his hips to be sure they were not continuing to rotate (he was breech for much of the pregnancy).  The whole experience took us about three hours, and Liberty stayed at home.  Nehemiah is fine – we just wanted to be sure while he was still eligible for an ultrasound rather than an x-ray.

Liberty let out her first big belly laugh on September 9th.  Elaine was jumping and making spitting sounds.  Liberty would jump each time because she was caught off guard, and then she would laugh and giggle.  It’s hilarious!

September 19th found us in the air headed to Denver – first flight for the twins (and last flight with kiddos for this mommy for a long time!).  They met their great-grandparents on the 20th, and experienced the “wild west” on the 21st when we visited the horse stables.  Here’s one of my favorite “milestones” – the first visit to Chick-fil-A on the 23rd.

We took the family to Winter Park in the Colorado Rocky Mountains on September 26th.  Uncle Wesley came to visit on the 27th, and the twins watched their first Denver Broncos game on the 29th!  Grandpa made sure we got a picture of that!

Since we were with Grandma and Grandpa, we decided to include them in our photo shoot.

Liberty 5 Month Portraits b7w    Liberty 5 Month Portraits b7w
I love her chunky thighs!

Nehemiah 5 Month Portraits b&w     Nehemiah 5 Month Portraits b&w
Nehemiah was so ready to be done with pictures.  Uncharacteristically, I had a hard time getting him to smile!

Twin Grandparents!
With Grandma & Grandpa

Twin Grandparents!


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