Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{6} Months Old

This is a milestone in and of itself – I am posting on the twinsies’ actual “birthday”!  Today the twins are six months old!  Yesterday they were wearing their “Little Brother” and “Little Sister” shirts so I set them on the bed for a couple of pictures!

Six Months Old!

Six Months Old!
Is it okay if I hold his toes, Mommy?

Six Months Old!
Nehemiah was looking at Elaine – she wanted to help make them smile!

Six Months Old!
THis is the we-are-both-teething-and-chewing-on-our-lips pose. 

Six Months Old!

Six Months Old!

Both kiddos are really teething – hard!  Nehemiah can easily drench several bibs a day.  They are cranky, and not napping much at all.  This makes Mommy cranky, too.

Nehemiah is crawling.  Sometimes it’s a real crawl, but much of the times it’s a combination of army crawl, determination, and a giant lunge forward to get what he wants.  He is all over the floor, getting into bags, and annoying his sister.  He wakes up singing in the mornings and is still a generally happy baby.  See his crawl here.

Liberty tries to crawl.  She can get up on all four, but she has no motion.  She also moves her arms and legs, but looks likes she’s swimming since she doesn’t have her tummy off the floor.

Both kiddos can put their pacifiers in their mouths without help.  Nehemiah is always grabbing Liberty’s pacifier and chewing on it.  He usually has a sneaky grin, like this…


We had several big “firsts” this month.  We took our first big road trip on October 11th.  We were approved as missionary church planters on October 15th.  The kiddos met a couple of new family members – My Great Uncle Harold and Aunt Lucy, and Ben’s Aunt Paul and Uncle Gary.  They started their first solid food on October 20th.  Most of it has been wiped off the bibs until today, when they actually seemed to enjoy the apples & rice cereal!  (Watch their first feeding session here).  They both had their first little cold this month too.  We’ve started back on elderberry syrup since then!  And on October 15th Nehemiah reached his hands up for me when I came to get him in the nursery!

I packed up the swing last week.  Liberty is trying to sit up, and Nehemiah has held himself up a few times.  Life is about to get really busy with two mobile babies!

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  1. Every time I see your posts I wish we lived closer! :) The kiddos are gorgeous and I love Nehemiah's "sneaky" face :) it makes me giggle!


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