Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Funnies

:: When driving home, the Verrazano Bridge was shrouded in heavy clouds so that you couldn’t see the top of it.  Elaine looked up and said, “Oh, no!  The bridge is broke!”


:: Once when Nolan was wearing his sunglasses I told him he was “hot stuff.”  After we left the doctor’s office, Nolan put his sunglasses back on.  Elaine said, “He looks like hot stuff again, right Mom?”

img_1483:: Elaine wanted to know where a certain man’s wife was.  The man is a widower, and we tried to explain that his wife was with Jesus in heaven. 
Elaine:  “Oh, well he needs to get a new wife.”
Me: “Well, maybe he will sometime, but probably not yet.  He’s not ready yet.”
Elaine:  “So, in phree (3) hours he will get a new wife?”

:: At naptimes and bedtimes we have really been praying for the babies to come soon.  Today Elaine made this announcement: “We have been praying for them a lot, but they are taking a long time to come!”

:: There is a Smart Car which parks in our neighborhood, and we often point it out to Elaine.  After we got a new van, Elaine told us that our van was not smart because it didn’t know where our house is.


:: Nolan has learned the word “hot.”  He puts out his hands like a stop sign and says “ha. Ha. Ha.”  We were eating ice cream last night and he declared each bite to be “ha” and blew on it before eating it!



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  1. Judah does the same thing for "hot!" We had to teach him very early that the woodstove was hot and he couldn't touch it...he does that same hand motion and "ha" sound. So cute!


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