Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Tradition Continues…

Somewhere in my box of treasures I have an envelope that has my name on it, written by my Grandpa Paul.  Inside is a small stash of $2 bills.  For many Easter’s when I was growing up, Grandma & Grandpa gave each of us grandchildren a $2 bill.  And since they are not made anymore, each year I would tuck the new bill away in my envelope to save.

Yesterday, my kiddos received Easter cards in the mail from “Old Grandma & Grandpa”.  {Elaine gave them that name at Christmas, in order to distinguish them from my Mom & Dad. 

Two Dollar Bills for Easter

Two Dollar Bills for Easter

Two Dollar Bills for Easter  Two Dollar Bills for Easter

Two Dollar Bills for Easter

Now that the grandchildren are all grown, and many of us are married, my grandparents have continued the tradition with their great-grandchildren. This is the first year that they understand enough to open the mail themselves. The neatly pressed bills got a bit crumpled.  Nolan doesn’t have a clue what he received, but Elaine exclaimed, “Money!”  They may not understand completely the “treasure” they received, but I will stash the envelopes away for them until they do.

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  1. They are at such a fun age!! Love Elaine's response, and that Nolan is just plum happy with paper!


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