Thursday, April 11, 2013

Singing Kiddos

My kids have been singing up a storm…I think it’s the sunshine and nice weather!

Nolan randomly breaks out into a song–and it is always this one!
Did you know that Elaine can spell? Well…sort of. She got in a bit of a hurry! Check out the laugh at the end!


We corrected the spelling problem, and she gives it another try in Take 2!


  1. More than impressed! Loved Nolan's Bubble song as well as Elaine's amazing spelling. Isn't it fun having kids? Just got home from across the pond. We were with Becky and family and LOVED two-year-old John. So very fun to be around kids. It's an education, too! Praying for your twins.

  2. So cute! And good job to Elaine! I did love her laugh at the end of the first video of her. It made me laugh! Thanks for sharing the videos with us!


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