Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twins: 27 Weeks

Today I had a follow-up anatomy sonogram to capture a few more images of the babies.  I go to the hospital for these sonograms, and they take more time.  But…that usually means better pictures of the babies!

Twins 27 weeks jpg

{click to enlarge}

I was happy to be reassured that we are still getting a boy and a girl.  The technician wasn’t 100% sure of the boy last time.  I think we have settled on the names for our twins.  Now that I have Ben nailed down I don’t know if I will let him change his mind!  But…since something has to be a surprise, and to avoid any “flak” over what we have chosen, you have to wait until they are born to learn their names!

Here are the pictures closer up…

Baby Boy 27 Weeks Profile
Baby Boy – zoomed out to get the foot hooked over his head!

Baby Girl 27 Weeks Profile
Baby Girl – close-up profile

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