Saturday, February 2, 2013

Twins: 24 Weeks

I’m now 24…almost 25 weeks pregnant with the twins.  That means that if I go “full term” to 36 or 37 weeks, it is only 12 weeks away!  It is starting to sound incredibly short, especially as I feel like I have a lot to get ready, yet I have so little energy to accomplish very much each day.  Here is an update from my latest doctor appointment and sonogram:

Twins 22-24 weeks jpg
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The midwife had told me that by 22-24 weeks I would start to gain weight very rapidly, and experience all of the symptoms of pregnancy.  She was right…almost to the day.  My belly seems to be ever in the way – I can’t wash dishes without getting soaked.  I have a harder time standing for very long because of the pressure of my expanding abdomen, and the lower back pain.  I usually can’t sleep well or much because of the acid reflux.  But this is all normal!

We have been blessed to receive/purchase several baby items.  We were given a second car seat – a big item which was very necessary!  I have settled on a stroller, and I am scouring Craigslist for a good used one.  We have been given many baby clothes and diapers.  I was able to purchase some preemie outfits and a maternity belly band at a consignment store.  These were an answer to prayer!  A friend has given me an extra Bumbo, Boppy, and baby carrier.

I am working to finish organizing the new baby items in case I end up on bed rest.  I am no longer able to take the kids out for a walk – because of the distance and the discomfort, as well as the cold.  I also have a hard time shopping by myself, and Ben has taken over laundry mat duties.

The Lord has also provided for a “mother’s helper” this summer.  One of the young ladies at church will come home with us on Wednesday nights and spend all of Thursday helping me – whether babysitting so I can do laundry, errands, or take a nap; or just helping with Elaine & Nolan on outings.

We don’t need much for these babies, especially since we have both boy & girl clothes ready to go.  There are a few things which I never needed for Elaine & Nolan, like bottles to supplement {though I hope to nurse both babies}, and of course we will need lots of diapers & wipes!


  1. It is so much fun to be following along with this pregnancy! I think you look great...from these pictures I would not say you have two babies in there!! ;) Praying for you!

  2. You look terrific, really not all that big, though you might feel like it. Hang in there! You'll have a wonderful family, doubled in size, in no time. I'm glad for you and Ben. Praying for you, too.


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