Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: No Bed Rest

Today I am thankful that I have not been assigned to bed rest, or limited activity.  At least not yet.  Many doctors and practitioners put twin pregnancies on bed rest automatically at 24 weeks.  I am 3 weeks past that and everything continues to look great.  While I am more easily tired, and I don’t tolerate being on my feet for long stretches of time, I am still able to take care of Nolan & Elaine, and the house for the most part.  This is good, because I still have some little things to wrap up before the twins arrive!

I’m also thankful for Ben, who has stepped into the gap and taken up many of my household chores.  He is doing the laundry now – which means one of his nights at home is really spent at the laundry mat.  He washes the dishes almost every night, and he does a lot of the bed time routine with the kiddos.  He is also sacrificing some work time to watch the kids during by bi-weekly doctor appointments, so that we don’t have to get a baby sitter.  I’m so glad he’s my husband!

This is my latest project for the twins:

Coming Home Outfits

Twins Coming Home Outfits

Twins Coming Home Outfits   Twins Coming Home Outfits

I saw this set of onesies on Etsy.  However, since it is embroidered and appliqued, it was a little pricey…$34.00 for two onesies?!?!?!  I have some t-shirt transfer paper on hand for making my own felt stories.  I decided to just design my own tags, print on the transfer paper, and iron onto some onesies.  Since babies don’t wear newborn clothes for very long, if the transfers don’t hold up its no big deal.  I plan to have the twins wear these home from the hospital.  I still need to find some bottoms for Baby Boy to wear with his.

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  1. This is all so fun to read. It must be so cool to see the pictures of your babies before they are born. I didn't have that privilege and didn't care what sex I had, so I never had any idea until the big surprise day. You're absolutely right to keep the names secret. :o) Just talked to a father of three girls about naming his children yesterday. Hilarious! The first name took 5 minutes, the second several months, and the third the whole 9 mos. of pregnancy. I asked him what he would have done had he had more! :o) So fun!


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