Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful Friday

For the last couple of nights Elaine has been almost hysterical when we left the room and closed her door for the night.  One night we ended up leaving the door open and the hall light on so that she would calm down.  Last night as I was turning off the light I realized that it was really dark in her room.  I looked down at the outlet where the two nightlights live, and they were not on.  “That’s funny.  They are new, they should still be working.  That must be why Elaine is so upset,” I thought.  A closer investigation revealed this:

Once I saw it, I remembered when Elaine had been trying to pull the night light out of the wall a couple of days ago.  I gave her a sharp “No!  Don’t touch!”  I think that she must have dropped the penny behind the light and she was trying to get it out.  Not realizing what was going on, I firmly pushed the night light back into the wall.

I’m thankful that Elaine did not shock herself on the light, and that our house did not burn down!  Needless to say, the outlet is shot, but amazingly the nightlights still work!

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