Monday, May 2, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I am now about 32 weeks…only eight more to go!!!  I had a pre-natal appointment today, and they do a sonogram at 32 weeks.  The baby is weighing in at 4 pounds 9 ounces.  They expect me to gain +/- four pounds over the remainder of my pregnancy, so they are estimating an eight pound baby.  Elaine was only seven pounds…eight pounds sounds huge!

Everything else looks great.  My fluids are good, and the heartbeat is strong.  I now start to see the doctor every two weeks until closer to my delivery date.

I didn’t expect the sonogram today, so I had Elaine with me.  She sat on the exam table with my during the sonogram.  She doesn’t like doctors, and has been very “protective” of me when one gets close.  When they squeezed blue gel on my belly and started clicking away on the screen, Elaine could only say, “uh-oh.”

There is one more thing to share.  Nope…not going to tell you the gender…sorry!  (Besides, I don’t know myself!)  I was brave enough to ask permission to attend Kenny’s wedding on June 4th in North Carolina.  My midwife was completely okay with me traveling at that stage in the pregnancy…as long as I drive, and don’t fly!  I was already planning to go, regardless of what I was told.  But it’s nice to know that she thinks it will be okay!

The prayer requests for the remainder of my pregnancy are that I don’t go early, because I really want to attend the wedding.  I am also praying for a natural birth so that I don’t have to have another c-section.


  1. Yeah for the glad you get to go with her blessing!

  2. Eight pounders aren't so bad- both of mine were. :) If their heads are small, it's ok.
    I hope you get to have a natural birth too- not too much longer now!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, Sophie was 8 lb 1 oz. Her head has also always been in the 75%-85%. :) I'll be praying for you!!!


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