Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another super savings shopping trip...

Okay, I promise this blog is not turning into a coupon blog. But...I have become a couponer, and I have been very excited about all of the money I have been saving lately. is another picture of one of my shopping trips. Once the "novelty" wears off I won't put pictures up as often. These purchases, along with the last couple of freezer-stocking grocery trips will allow us to spend $40 or less per week on groceries in February. On top of that, we will be out of the country for the last week in February (we are going to Israel with Ben's family), so our grocery bill and utilities will be even less!

The items pictured here cost me $39.54. There are 43 items. I used 28 coupons. I only paid full price for 4 of the items (many of my coupons required a purchase of two items). Original price and tax would have been $72.11. I splurged on the Dawn Hand Renewal and the Lil Smokies. 10 of the items were completely free, and at least five of the items were 25 cents or less.

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