Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seeing Progressively

On Thursday my new specs finally arrived. Finally. I've only been waiting for 4 weeks! But, I got a 15% refund, so I guess it was worth the wait. I seem to have bad luck with eyeglasses. There is always some problem or another complication.

Anyway, back to the specs. I am now wearing progressive lenses, or no-line bifocals. And I'm not even 26 yet! I guess I could blame Dad - I get my bad eyes from him. On the other hand, he's still wearing single vision lenses, and I've been in bifocals for years! Boy, does that make me feel "old."

I haven't had very much time to let my eyes adjust. Sometimes the table seems to swim, even though my head isn't moving. If I turn too quickly tings are all blurry. And I have to move my head more than just moving my eyes in order to look through the correct section of my lenses. It's still a mystery to me to know exactly where those sections change, so could be using the wrong on and I'll never know...

At any rate, here are a couple of pics. We had a photo shoot because Ben is still learning how to use my camera. **Translation: we took A LOT of pics to get A COUPLE of good ones. But I love him, even if he's not a picture-taking-scrapbook-thinking guy.

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  1. Ooh! Those look really good on you! Cute!


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