Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowy Day Ramblings...and Giveaway

It is the perfect morning to curl up by the fire with my Bible or a good novel and a cuppa hot latte and be lazy! It is cold and damp outside, and the faintest hint of snowflakes are sort of half-falling from the sky. I think there are about three total snowflakes, but they bring the promise of a possible more real snow. Especially considering the high today is in the mid 30s, and the low is 28. We are supposed to get snow all day, but since it is VA, probably no accumulation.

When Ben called me to say it was trying to snow, I ran my pajamas...and flipflops. I guess Virginia Beach is the only place where I would run to see snow in my beach attire.

Well, I don't have a fire, and I don't have a latte, but I have some tea, and my Bible, some I'm going to go be lazy! Let me leave you with the sweetest little outfit - Grosgrain has been doing costumes in their giveaways for Halloween, so there haven't been any to catch my eye. But I think this outfit is adorable, and I wish I had it in my size. Click the link to visit Grosgrain's website and enter the giveaway to win it yourself.

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