Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Yellowstone Day 3: Sheepeater Cliff & Swan Lake Flats

Since we were out late at the rodeo last night, we slept in and had lunch over the fire pit at our campsite.  Then we drove into Yellowstone for some hiking and hoping to see a beautiful sunset.  We also stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs, which was a huge disappointment in my opinion!

Yellowstone Sheepeater Cliff
We turned off at Sheepeater Cliff mostly to use the facilities.  But the rock climbing attracted the kids, and they wanted to climb to the top of the cliff like everyone else.  The twins got scared and stayed in this place, Elaine gave up, but…

Yellowstone Sheepeater Cliff

Yellowstone Sheepeater Cliff
…Nolan made it to the top!  So proud of him!  (It was the new “hiking boots” that helped him along!)

Swan Lake Flats from  Bunsen Peak
Swan Lake was just south of Mammoth Hot Springs.  It was absolutely beautiful!  Just up the road is Bunsen Peak, our hiking objective for the day. 

Swan Lake Flats from  Bunsen Peak
Swan Lake Flats

Mammoth Hot Springs
Nolan, Elaine, and I did Mammoth Hot Springs while the three littles were napping in the van with Ben.  We were pretty disappointed in it, but Nolan enjoyed wearing the new Camelbak!

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