Thursday, July 14, 2016

Yellowstone, Day 1

We had the incredible opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park for three days while traveling from Idaho to Wyoming.  We rented an RV in West Yellowstone, MT for the same price as we could get a hotel room for the days we needed lodging.  It was kinda fun to go “camping.”  After checking into the RV, we headed into the park to see Old Faithful.

The Great Salt Lake
The Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Utah.  They were all excited to go wading in it until they discovered the millions of little flies that feed long the shore line!

Idaho Fields
Idaho mountains and potato fields

Burn Out sections of Yellowstone
This is a section from the 1988 fires that devastated Yellowstone.  It is naturally reseeding itself, and you can see how far the new trees still have to grow!

RV in West Yellowstone, MT
Our RV and picnic lunch!

Yellowstone Elk
Learning to use binoculars to view the wildlife.  I don’t think they ever saw anything through them…but they had fun with Grandpa’s “goggles” as Nehemiah called them!

Old Faithful
Old Faithful…not so faithful anymore!  They say the climate affects her regularity, but she was 17 minutes “late”!  We actually saw it erupt as we were getting close to the parking lot.  We decided to hang around the 70-90 minutes they saw it is between eruptions.  But 7:00 came and went, and she didn’t blow her top until 7:17!  The kids had more fun chasing chipmunks than waiting for the “smelly” geyser to go off!

West Yellowstone, MT Sunset
Beautiful susnset in West Yellowstone, MT on the way back to our RV.

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