Friday, February 5, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: The Kansas Version

We spent the last week in Russell, Kansas

Five Kids is a Handful
I got this great picture of all five kids smiling!  (Right before Nolan fell off the recliner!)

Five on a Couch
Have you played that game “Four on a Couch?”  We’ve got five on our couch!  Henry really enjoys watching a few minutes of movies with the kids.

Nehemiah on a penny horse
We walked to the grocery store on Saturday…for some chicken broth, and some exercise.  This is a normal NYC thing to do.  Apparently not so much in Russell, KS.  Someone pulled over and turned around to ask if we needed help or money!  (It was a little farther than Ben said it was…).  At the store we found “Sandy” – a dime horse ride.  She looked quite antique and the kids were thrilled that they could each ride alone (usually we double up to save a buck!).  While we were letting each kiddo have his turn, an older gentleman stopped us and said he used to ride the same horse in the 50s!

Playing Outside with Swords & Capes
We enjoyed a beautiful day and played outside…with no coats, but with capes and stick swords!  It’s amazing how much imagination is sparked by a cape!

Playing Outside with Swords & Capes

Playing Outside with Swords & Capes

Playing Outside with Swords & Capes
Sword fighting stance.  This one is my athlete for sure!

Playing Outside with Swords & Capes

Playing Outside with Swords & Capes

Twins in a 31 Bag!
Twins in a Thirty-One bag!  This quickly turned into a push-me-pull-me with straps around the neck, so we put it away!

Kansas Snowman
We were on the edge of a big snow storm.  The forecase kept going from 1-3” to 6-12” and everything in between!  We ended up with 3ish inches, enough of the wet heavy stuff to make a snowman!  Everyone helped with this one – Elaine rolled the top two balls, Liberty helped with the bottom, Nehemiah and Nolan found the sticks.

Kansas Sunrise
Up and on the road before sunrise.  But with nothing on the horizon, the sun sure shows up well!

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