Friday, February 26, 2016

100 Monthiversary

100 Monthiversary

100 months ago, Ben and I got married.  We usually have an unspoken “contest” on the 26th of each month to see who can remember to say “Happy ____ Monthiversary” first.  Ben almost always wins.  (I got a good one, huh?)

Back in October on our eighth anniversary we realized that we were coming up on 100 months.  We hoped to be able to “celebrate” somehow.  It just so happens that we are visiting Ben’s sister in Greenville for a couple of days.  She agreed to babysit (during nap time) so we can grab a late lunch date together.  We enjoyed some Mexican food – my favorite – and then headed to Falls Park on the Reedy in downtown Greenville.  Not only is it a nice and beautiful park, complete with a waterfall, but it’s also the spot where we had engagement pictures taken.

100 Monthiversary
We just had to try the chicken and waffle tacos with spicy syrup!  They were pretty good!

100 Monthiversary B&W
Not just hand-holding this time!

100 Monthiversary

100 Monthiversary
Falls Park on the Reedy, Greenville, SC

At lunch Ben commented that it probably doesn’t get any less romantic that staying with your bachelorette sister and sharing a bedroom with your five kids while sleeping on individual twin air mattresses.  Maybe today isn’t very “romantic” but life with my Ben is certainly wonderful!  I’m blessed to be celebrating 100 months with him, and I look forward to many more hundreds together!

Engagement Pics  Engagement Pics
Engagement Pictures – same place

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