Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for missionary housing.  As a family we have been in our temporary "home" for less than two weeks since September.  That's a lot of moving around!  Hopefully it makes for a lot of support raising (we have added 37% support this year). also makes for a lot of instability.  It's hard to have a routine and keep things "normal" when every week (or sometimes twice a week) you are changing lodging and re-setting up "home."  We did enjoy six days with my girlfriend from college in December, and also a week at my parent's in Denver for Christmas.

However, since last Saturday, and for more than three whole weeks, we will be in one location!  One of our supporting churches has a missionary home and they have graciously allowed us to stay here for most of January.  Not only is this a place to make home for an "extended" period of time, but it is very nice.  

We have actually stayed in several missionary houses (or prophet's chambers) over the last two years.  We have stayed in all kinds - small, large, furnished, mostly-empty, nice, and some...well...not-so-nice.  It is a blessing to have a church that is able not only to own an extra house for traveling guests, but also to maintain it and make it nice.  It really shows what kind of a heart they have when they care about the details of even what the guest house looks like!

The home we are staying in is a three bedroom house - bigger than anything we have lived in!  It has a washer and dryer which is an amazing blessing!  The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes and all utensils needed for cooking our own meals.  I especially love that the walls are decorated with Scripture in every room!  There is even a piano!!!

Just being in our own place, to set our own routine, and be regular in nap times, eating schedules, and keep up with school is an amazing blessing.  We have done over a week's worth of lessons in the last four days.

The Lord has always taken very good care of us, and we certainly have nothing to complain about.  But it sure is nice to have a very nice place to call home, even if it is only for a short time!

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