Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Some highlights from our trip (vacation from deputation) to South Dakota...

Little Man kept busy in the car by sticking ladybugs all over his face...

Nolan & wild, wild west guys

Liberty wasn't happy with all of the steps at Mount Rushmore.  She threw quite the fit.

A real buffalo, up close and personal, in Wind Cave National Park

This old caboose was near our hotel in Hot Springs, SD.  Totally made Nehemiah's day when we let them climb aboard!

The "boxwork" is unique to the Wind Cave (world's 6th largest cave).  No stalactites and stalagmites, though!

North Dakota (or South Dakota?)  It all looked the same.  Deserted and flat.  We ate lunch by the side of the road - no rest areas or bathrooms or gas stations for miles!

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  1. That picture of Liberty laying flat down on the sidewalk makes me laugh and laugh and laugh!


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