Saturday, April 11, 2015

Resurrection Sunday

Last week we spent Resurrection Sunday in Williston, ND.  It is on the tail end of an oil boom, but the signs everywhere still said "Welcome to Boomtown USA."
Ben presented our ministry in the Sunday School hour.  We enjoyed fellowshipping with the church family throughout the rest of the day. 
Elaine was excited to have made a special treat during Children's Church.  They rolled large marshmallows in a crescent roll and baked it.  When they bit into their dessert, they tasted the sweetness of the Resurrection, but the marshmallow was gone!  I have wanted to make Resurrection Cookies with the kids for a couple of years, but it requires making them on Saturday and eating them on Sunday.  I thought this was a creative illustration of the empty tomb that could be done in one sitting as a Children's Church object lesson!
The girls had matching dresses from Grandma, and the boys  looked as handsome as they do every week.  ( new clothes for the boys!).

This was in the hotel lobby...and there were a lot of people coming down the steps, so it was hard to hold their attention!

Last Easter we were in WI for our Mission Board orientation, so we were not with the kids.  This is the second year in a row we have not been in our home church for Easter, but I was happy to at least be together as a family this year!

Blue and yellow it was this year!

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