Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

What we’ve been up to lately…

Blizzard 2015
This is the blizzard of 2015 – all 6 inches of it, piled into one spot so we could “play” in the snow

Elaine dressed up the babies!
Lots and lots of dressing up!

Liberty Dressing Up

Liberty feeds her baby Cheerios
Liberty is all about her baby doll – here “baby Clip” is getting a Cheerios breakfast…

Painting with Daddy
Painting.  Daddy took on an enormous task.  The twins have never painted before, and being a klutz myself, I hate the thought of paint.  It is a great potential for a very big mess!  But we had been indoors for a while, and needed a new activity.  Good thing about Daddy being “unemployed”?  Lots of work paint shirts available!

Painting with Daddy
Nehemiah was the water spiller.  And then he drank the water.  Twice.  It was classic.  And secretly I was glad to see Daddy confused by the commotion and needs of four kids all at once.  Just secretly, so don’t tell!

Painting with Daddy

Painting with Daddy
Liberty seemed to enjoy the process, but she also was caught sucking on her paint brush.  I don’t have the packaging anymore, but I’m really hoping these paints are non toxic!

Painting with Daddy

Painting with Daddy
Elaine painted this one all by herself.  She’s finally getting some confidence and trying to draw things on her own!

Painting with Daddy
The end product…after he drank the paint water several times.

Painting with Daddy
The end product…after Daddy took away the paint brush she was sucking on!

Twins on Top Bunk
The twins discovered they could climb bunk beds.  This picture cracks me up – Liberty lost her paci, and it landed down a rung where she couldn’t reach it!  Yes – I laughed at her distress, and I went for the camera before I helped her get the paci back!

Twins sleeping together in the bunk bed
These two.  They are enemies one minute and best friends the next.  Nehemiah has taken to moving his pillow and blanket and puppy to Liberty’s bed each night.  And she doesn’t seem to mind at all.


  1. I love looking at the kids on this post. Elaine is making me nervous...she's growing up too fast! Nolan and the twins still have their baby look! But my favs, Ben...good for him and those last two pics, he does seem a bit past the edge of comfort! He's a good Dad!

  2. Sooooo fun to see your pictures! I LOVED the drinking of the paint water. Not even I ever did that! (I did, though, eat every kind of glue/paste you can think of.) Sorry to laugh so hard at your kids' expense, but this is terrific. Tell Elaine I liked her painting. Very nice.


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