Wednesday, November 26, 2014

White Thanksgiving

There is a Nor'easter moving up the coast, so we decided to move our travel plans up a day.  The road from home to Ben's parents in the Berkshires (MA) is a two lane winding road, so we didn't want to drive it in 8-12 inches of snow!  Having arrived around midnight last night, we enjoyed watching the white winter wonderland develop as we made preparations for a "white Thanksgiving".  Here are a few shots from the day...

The kids couldn't wait to get outside, so Ben took them out to the parking lot to play in the snow.  He wrote their names in the snow!  I was happy to watch from the window in my PJ's and with my coffee in hand!

Giant snowman with not too much snow on the ground yet! 

Waiting to get out the door!  This is the first snow storm they've really been able to play in...

She didn't seem to mind falling very much!

Everyone enjoyed playing outside for a while!

I thought she was so cute.  This was one of Elaine's winter hats, and she always looked adorable in it too!

After playing in the snow they came inside and shut themselves into the dog crate!  {Sans pants because everything was in the dryer!

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