Friday, November 21, 2014


Some insta-pictures from the last couple of weeks…

Cool Dude!
Nehemiah LOVES to play with the sunglasses!

Crayola Factory
Giant Lite-Brite at the Crayola Factory in PA

Firehouse Subs
Lunch with my little firefighters at the Firehouse Subs while Ben had a meeting with the guys…

Firehouse Subs
Her new smile!

Book time in a MA nursery

img_2617   Lick that Reese's!
Picnic on Mommy’s birthday – it was 65 degrees! 
Right – Liberty dug this Reese cup wrapper out of the trash to finish licking clean.  She was very upset I had taken it away!

Nolan and Gretchen
Gretchen.  A red Doberman at our host’s home last week.  Nehemiah was terrified at first, but then he made her into his best bud!

Nolan and Gretchen

The time we got up...
This is how late my kiddos slept on November 1st!  Mommy was soooo glad!

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